Useful information

The climate is oceanic in the north and west and becomes gradually warmer and continental towards the south and east. Summers are warm, with average temperatures between 18 and 28 °C depending on a region. Winters are rather cold, with average temperatures between 3 °C to -6 °C.

The national currency of Polan dis Polish Zloty (PLN). There are no restrictions on exchanging money in Georgia. The Exchange is possible in every bank and in huge number of money changers.

More than 87 % of the population of Poland declares belonging Roman Catholic, about 7,1% of citizens are opting not to answer their religious belonging, 2,4% declare themself as non believer, 0,7% are Orthodox.

Administrative authority at voivodeship level is shared between a government-appointed voivode (governor), an elected regional assembly (sejmik) and an executive elected by that assembly.

The voivodeships are subdivided into powiat ( local regions) and these are further divided into gmina (also known as communes). Major cities normally have the status of both gmina and powiat. Poland has 16 voivodeships, 379 powiat (including 65 cities with powiat status), and 2,478 gmina.

Polish citizens traveling to Georgia don’t need visa and can enter Georgia just with ID. In opposite to Georgians who are willing visit Poland. The procedure is similar as for all European Union. The visa is needed. Probably in the middle of 2016 EU will introduce visa liberalization for Georgia.